Damien’s Destiny

Book ONE of the series, Songs of the Mages

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Chapter One
LMCnomDamien, the Earl of Sinclair, had always known he was a mage. A wizard, an enchanter when he chose. He’d never harbored a doubt. His parents had laughed and recognized him as his true father’s son when they found him chortling in his crib, re-arranging colors from the spectrum in the air. He still found it relaxing to form the colors of light into beautiful patterns. He enjoyed his sorcerer’s power, although he seldom resorted to magic. Never to black magic. He occasionally bewitched someone, but only if necessary. Mostly his powers were not needed. A strong man in his own right, he relied heavily on himself. His father had been just as powerful. The blood of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake ran strongly through the veins of his ancestors and in him.

And he never forgot that with his powers came the obligation of deep-rooted responsibility. In no way would he ever use his powers just to prove himself, or to harm anyone. His abilities were a blessing, a gift, and at times a curse. Sometimes he’d really rather not see the future.

damdestinyMAt this moment his powers certainly didn’t make a stone softer. Damien shifted a little, trying to find an easier location on the hard rock he’d chosen to lean against. He grinned at the thought of changing this huge boulder into a bale of cotton. No matter, he was sitting in the shade and positioned so he could watch the ocean. The sound and the pattern of the ever-surging waves always fascinated him. Gulls swayed and swooped close to the rocky shore seeking a little nourishment in the shallow water, hovering nearer to the surface than the few lapwings higher overhead. His stallion, Araby, munched on some tufts of dried beach grass sticking up through the scree.  A dragon fly flittered around his rump, and Araby tried to flick it away with his tail. Damien sent the persistent fly a small command to switch to another location, and as it fluttered away Araby settled down. His horse seemed contented but his own hay might be tastier. Damien looked toward the horizon, where the sea met the sky and a small boat completed the perfect view. A beautiful day, and one likely to remain scorching hot.

Still, he’d better get Araby home to proper food and some true shade for them both.

Just as he rose to his feet, he noticed a girl walk into his view from around the craggy prominence to the west. Her long skirts touched the sand as she hesitated at the shore line where the white-crested waves were crashing after each other. She was coming far too close to the water and her slippers must be drenched.

Then she unexpectedly walked straight into the ocean.

Didn’t the little fool realize this beautiful stretch of beach could be treacherous? Maybe not since she’d invaded on his private property. His very private property.

She marched as if on parade, her chin high. Her long skirts were soon soaked and doubtless dragging on her. He jumped to his feet to run toward her, shouting as he ran.

“Turn back, miss. Turn back at once. This water is treacherous.”

She either didn’t hear him over the roar of the ocean or chose not to. If she kept on she’d soon be in very deep water. Just as he reached the edge of the ocean a larger than usual wave swept her off her feet and she sank under. The top of her head surfaced for a moment and then disappeared. Damien gave one horrified bellow and then strode into the sea as fast as he could.

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