Dangerous Pursuit

Book FOUR of the series, Passionate Pursuits

This is the fourth book in my Passionate Pursuit series on sexy, handsome elves.

dangerPursuitSVale looked at the beautiful girl in his arms, her eyes shining with what he hoped was the beginning of love. At least it was desire, and pray all the elves it was enough. That she’d permit him to take her the way he longed, with his most ardent love. For him it was a pledge and the first step in a lifetime of devotion.

He also recognized he didn’t have much time to prepare her before he shot his cum. Clamping down on his desire, he turned his thoughts to pleasing her. He kissed her again, thrusting his tongue in and out in imitation of the motion he’d soon be making with his long, swollen cock. He fought the raging impulse to plunge into her without any more preliminaries, and he managed to reach with one hand for her mound. Parting the folds until he found her clit, he was delighted to find her dripping wet. With a small prayer of thanks she was so responsive, he began to caress that most sensitive spot. He leaned over and kissed it and she started. He moved up to kiss her lips deeply again, throttling any protest with his tongue in her mouth. Keeping up his finger’s rotation on her clit, he held on fiercely to his self-control. He lasted until she gasped and bit his tongue lightly, and then caressed the inside of his mouth in a provocative dance of tongues that finished off his control.

Looping her legs over his shoulders, he placed his cock against her vulva and quickly found her entrance. She was already slippery with her own juices and he had no trouble entering. He had enough sense left be gentle until he’d pierced her virgin’s membrane, which was thankfully thin. Then he plunged into her, unable to slow himself as he wished. To do anything but quickly sink himself to the hilt. He withdrew, and then plunged in again. In a few deep strokes he brought himself to stunning orgasmic pleasure, unlike anything he had felt before.

Leaving his cock buried in her body, he raised on his elbows and kissed her with love, eyes filled with regret.

“I’m sorry I was in such a hurry. It was not well done of me. I’ve wanted you for too long. I lost control just when I wanted to bring you pleasure.”

She smiled up at him. “But you did, Vale. More than I knew existed.”

He looked a little rueful, knowing she’d not experienced what he wanted for her. Not at all.

“Please don’t look regretful. I’m sure we can do it again sometime. I rather liked it, you know.”