Druid Desires

combines the first two books in the Garland of Druids series:
Druids’s Daughter & My Darling Druid

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Druid’s Daughter
This is the first book in the Garland of Druids series.

desiresMorgan McAfee is a Druid and proud of her gifts, using them only for good causes. In 1898 few people acknowledge Druids and their power. When the head of London’s Criminal Investigative Department is forced to work with her, he scoffs at her claimed abilities. Chief Inspector Lord Lance Dellafield has no belief in visions and auras. Trying to recover a kidnapped child, his disdain is unconcealed. Handsome, aristocratic and condescending, he wants no help from a Druid. Even though their sexual attraction grows steamier with every encounter.

Even when a serial murderer terrifies London, Lance hesitates to admit Morgan’s power. Yet he can’t dismiss the beautiful Druid’s emerald eyes from his mind. If he hopes to solve the murders he finds he needs her help.

When the murderer stalks Morgan, can Lance save her? Will he acknowledge a Druid has captured his heart? Will being a Druid help her in this most important pursuit, gaining Lance’s love?

My Darling Druid
This is book two in the Garland of Druids series.

Dr. Alec Stratton, a cold disciplinarian, can’t believe one of his nurses is bringing her Druid medicines into his hospital. Vivie Field, Druid daughter of Lord Lance and Morgan Dellafield, shortened her name to avoid favoritism. She’s the granddaughter of the ducal couple supporting Dr. Stratton’s children’s wing.

Alec refuses to believe in her Druid powers but can’t overcome his desire for her Celtic beauty. When the sexual attraction between them grows, he warns her off. He confesses he wants a rich society wife to help him establish a wealthy practice. But when Alec discovers he’s rejected a rich and aristocratic Vivie he reacts with horror, blaming her for not confiding the truth.

Vivie opens a clinic offering both Druid and conventional medicine, with her talents devoted to her patients. Another doctor assists her there and falls in love with her. Then Vivie’s life is threatened.

All books in the Songs of the Mages series
can be read as a stand alone book.