Druid Redeemed

Book FIVE of the series, Garland of Druids
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Chapter One
Devon beamed as he handed Jocie out of the plane.

druidRedeemS4“I don’t have to ask you if you liked it.”

He’d thought her pretty before, but now she was beautiful. Glowing and beautiful.

“Thank you, thank you,” she breathed as she threw herself into his arms, reaching up on her toes to kiss him, a kiss of exuberant joy and gratitude. Just as she lifted her face to his, he swooped down and caught her kiss with a full-lipped response that staggered them both. He bound her to him with his strong arms, holding her flush against his body as he responded so quickly she had not time to do anything but cling to him. His warmth seared her even through her clothes, and the breathless sensation his presence could bring assailed her once again.

What she’d read in the novels was true. A kiss could actually make a girl giddy. Almost as if she were catching a fever. Her eyes opened even wider in astonishment at such unknown feelings.

He recovered first. Still he stood for a moment, relishing the feel of that supple body he held plastered to his. He finally forced himself to loosen his arms and release his tight hold. She stood in the circle of his arms, knowing she could break loose at any time, and too dazed to make a move.

“Well.” Devon took a deep breath. “I wish I’d asked you to go flying with me the day we met.”

He grinned, but his voice held a husky quiver, and he didn’t let go of her until she wrenched herself away. His big hands lightly kept her body flush against his until she stepped from his reach. Even so she seemed to wobble a bit as she moved back.

“Oh damn,” she muttered on an outward breath. “I asked for that, didn’t I? You must think me like all those other women you chase and seduce. An easy mark. I didn’t mean to kiss you like that.”

He smoothed back her hair, his touch gentle and seductive on the shining tresses. He couldn’t believe he was still having trouble breathing.

“I’d like to think you did mean it.” His voice was silky dark, as his beautiful eyes remained fastened on her face.

She shook herself and put on her brightest smile, and moved well away.

“It was all so very beautiful.”

She felt his hot gaze on her. “Quite exceptionally beautiful,” he murmured, still not moving his eyes from her. She knew he was not referring to the sky. She shook her body slightly.

“I do thank you, you know. I love flying. I would not have known how much but for you.”

He looked at her embarrassed face and thought her the most precious girl he’d ever met. Any other would have been clinging to him and urging him on for more kisses. Jocie was so genuine. An unguarded kiss from her was worth a hundred of the practiced ardor of his set. His rather useless set. He’d never voiced this opinion even to himself. Now he admitted they were a group who laughed and played at life, and did nothing with the privileges they took for granted.

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