Forbidden Pursuit

Book THREE of the series, Passionate Pursuit

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forbiddenPusuitThe flash of her naked arms and an occasional rounded hip was enough for his libido to ignore the cold water around him. Cock already at half mast, he waited for her. He moved directly in front of her flailing arms and caught her to him, wrapping her to his body.

Startled, she began to fight his grip. Then, as if realizing he was Arden, she stopped and hugged him in a half-flirtatious, half-sincere manner.

She threw back her head and used one hand to smooth her heavy hair from her laughing face.

“Arden, you frightened me. Oh, and you’re right. C’est merveilleuse. Swimming nude is so wonderful, I doubt I’ll ever want to put my suit on again.”

“You won’t have to if you marry me. We can always swim like this. Together. As much as you want.”

She started to answer, and then reared back to look into his eyes.

“You’re serious, aren’t you? But we haven’t known each other long enough for you to feel certain of what you’re saying.”

“Haven’t we?” His voice was rough as grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his waist. She clung to his shoulders, her eyes shocked but curious and intrigued. His scorching kiss widened her eyes even further, but she made no move except to tighten her hold on his neck.

Arden hadn’t planned what he did next, it was simply the only thing in the world he could do. He indulged in the kisses they both enjoyed, kissing her face, her lips, and finally her breasts. She gave a little gasp, clinging to him tightly and squeezed her legs around him. Kissing her all the while, he lifted her nude body and let it slowly slide down on his fully erect cock.