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Chapter One

shellysSecretShelley couldn’t believe the magnetism pulsing from the man. He walked into the room at the side of the president of the company and grinned at them all. This gorgeous male had to be the new vice-president. True, she’d heard every female in the office gush about his devastating looks, but still, seeing him stunned her speechless. She frowned and continued to peek at him from cast-down eyes. He wasn’t quite perfect after all. One eyebrow was higher than the other, and his nose humped a little. Was he prone to pick fights? Even being dressed casually, as no new partner should have the nerve to dress, didn’t spoil him. Bronze hair, deep blue eyes, and a well-honed build. Well, he might not be Adonis, but damn near, and he exuded a primitive sex appeal.

She needed a new word for the potent attraction of this man. Shelley grinned at herself. She was an expert in words, with a fluidity of phrase that propelled her through the ranks of any business she chose. Earning her promotions, but losing her envious friends. On this new job she’d been very careful. Careful to look as mousey as she could and stay out of sight. She wanted no screaming scene such as her last boss’s wife had thrown. All because her husband raved about Shelley’s ability to hone his presentations. Shelley left the firm. She took a small, secret consolation in the fact he hadn’t achieved the last promotion he wanted.

She dropped her eyes, but still knew when Adonis II walked through the room to his own office. Breathy sighs gusting around the room testified she wasn’t the only one who thought him gorgeous.

She buried herself again in her edition of a speech the senior partner was soon to present. Good lord, the man couldn’t spell as well as a first grader. As to his sentences flowing, saying he had no conception of grammar was too kind. She picked up her pen, deciding there was nothing for it but to tackle the entire mess.

Her interoffice phone buzzed. Her breath hitched with disbelief when he heard the baritone, sexy voice.

“Miss Blake, this is Ross McGregor. Could you come to my office? Please.”

The “please” and the deep tones were charming. And that come-to-me voice belonged to the magnetic man she’d seen walking to his new office. She reached in her purse for a mirror. Now of all times, she wanted to look inconspicuous. Although a man who could knock a Greek god off his pedestal wasn’t going to actually look at her.

She tucked her hair tighter into its bun, waited three minutes and then walked to the office of Mr. Gorgeous McGregor. She tried to look casual even though she felt every stare focused on her.

She found his door open and he sprang to his feet when she entered. His smile crinkled his eyes and she nearly groaned. Did he have to be so damn polite and perfect?

He motioned her to the chair in the front of his desk.

“Well, you don’t look like the dragon I expected, Miss Blake. No scales, no breathing fire.” His words and teasing smile surprised her.

She bristled. “And no swishing tail, as you can see.”

She turned red as she realized the sexual connotation in her words. His grin widened as he sat also.

“Since you’re facing me I can’t really tell.”

Her eyes fastened on the vee at the neck of his casual shirt. In her embarrassment she couldn’t seem to shift her gaze.

Ross McGregor’s voice didn’t falter. “I have a few questions for you, if you’d oblige me, Miss Blake. I know all the vice-presidents are eager to have you as their personal assistant, and you refuse all offers. I won’t risk asking you myself until I know why you’ve turned down the others.”

Shelley looked down at her hands. Drat the man for being so charming, even as he pinned her to wall with a question she didn’t want to answer. She concentrated on not moving, on not getting up and running from the room.

“My reasons don’t concern you, Mr. McGregor.”

She held her head proudly as she fixed defiant eyes on him.