Quest for Love

Book FOUR of the series, Songs of the Mages

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Chapter One
epic2011AwardPutting Brady to bed was easy and the exhausted child fell asleep almost immediately. He didn’t even ask for a story from Aislinn. Jason had put a cot in his room and he seemed happy with the new arrangement. Perhaps he’d even stay in it for the night. He certainly wasn’t yet used to the luxury of a mattress.

Jason didn’t seem to want to occupy the bed beside the cot. And Aislinn didn’t ask why he hadn’t.

As soon as they climbed down the steps from the loft Jason took her in his arms for an ardent kiss. She kissed him back, not guessing how much her passion showed in her response. She did realize in her treacherous heart she’d been only marking time until he caressed her once again.

quest4love4He backed her against the wall, pinning her there with his body, She could feel that unmentionable part of him pressing into her stomach, and marveled as the tremors he so easily caused swamped her yearning body. Holding her face in his determined yet still gentle hands, he probed at her lips with his tongue. On her gasp for breath he entered her mouth, at first only entering and waiting for her response. When she didn’t object he swept his tongue into every crevasse, adding to the mounting heat in her treacherous body. She’d never imagined such a thing, but she found it delightful. When he sucked on her tongue she nearly slid down the wall.

But when one hand moved to unbutton her blouse and she stiffened and tried to break away. To her surprise he backed from her at once, although he panted with the effort it cost him.

He dropped his hands to his side but leaned forward and kissed her forehead.

“I’ll stop for now, Aislinn. In fact I’ll always stop if you tell me to. But I pray someday soon you’ll allow me to show you how much I love you.”

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