Quotes from individual reviews, in the order of publication.

Guilty Secrets

  • The cover really draws you in while the words make you want to stay! You are hooked from the first word until the last! I could not put this down!
  • This book is lots of fun. The characters have such different personalities. Our heroine is intelligent, brave and loveable. She wants to improve everyone’s lives. Our hero is strong, arrogant and used to getting all his own way. The sparks fly all the way through the story. There is a scheming duo who cause the danger, and powerful friends that help when needed.
  • I loved every page and look forward to reading more from this new to me author. I really enjoyed this book through and through! I love the strong female characters that Jean Hart Stewart conjures in her books, as well as the softer side of her male characters she exposes. She creates a well-paced, intriguing story that provides a satisfying pay-off and sweet, juicy love scenes that you would expect from a romance novel.
  • I really enjoyed this book and there were definitely a few surprises. I liked how genuine Adam was in helping Corrie and how much he honestly cared for her. Corrie was a lot of fun and it was great to read about how her political views were so important to her as a woman. She knew what she believed in and stood by it.

Druid’s Daughter

  • “A delightful love story.”
  • “Thoroughly entertaining, drawing you in from the first page.”
  • “I love this story and I love the writing of Ms. Stewart.”
  • “Druid’s Daughter is a well-crafted novel filled with vivid imagery and delightful historical insight.”

My Darling Druid

  • “Lush and full and so action packed I couldn’t put it down.”
  • “Held me spellbound, a true must-read.”
  • “Quite fascinating, a rich picture”
  • “What a wonderful story!”

Song of a Druid Princess

  • “This story brought tears to this reviewer’s eyes. Full of emotion and heart-rending tenderness.”
  • “Gabriel’s fight to overcome his demons is heartbreaking.”
  • “This excellent book has mystery, suspense, history, and of course, love and lust.”

Kiss of a Druid Bard

  • “A romantic and erotic love story.”
  • “The writing comes shining through on every page.”
  • “Story line is well-crafted and smooth.”
  • “A fascinating story full of adventure and emotion.”

Druid Redeemed

  • “Time spent reading this flew by. Will be talked about for a long time to come.”
  • “A fantastic novel. A superb treasure.”
  • “Absolutely brilliant! I loved this book.”
  • “A novel fraught with political intrigue, romance and suspense.”

Druid Triumphant

  • “A wonderful tale with twists and turns that will leave you guessing to the end.”
  • “An enchanting tale. I couldn’t put it down.”

Druid Disdained

  • “Excellent tales of contrast between human beings at their best and their worst.”
  • “I didn’t want the book to end.”

Druid in Flight

  • “A fabulous story, interwoven with adventure and sensual romance.”
  • “The characters leap from the pages.”
  • “Well written and easy flowing.”
  • “Engaging tale, filled with prose and artistry.”

Spies and Roses

  • “Spies and Roses is a delightfully fun book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It is a tale that drew me in from the very beginning, and never did let me go until the end. It left me smiling, and even laughing out loud at several moments. The characters are feisty and charming, and not like any I have ever had the delight to read before. It is a tale that ties together several of my favorite things: spies, intrigue, historical romance, and international mystery during a historical event. I can easily see this novel happily residing on readers bookshelves for many years to come, well read, and well loved. I know it will on mine.”

Fiery Pursuit

  • “This has an interesting twist that you might not expect. I loved the characters, the romance and the unknown in this story….you’re taken on a journey, and at the end you won’t be disappointed. Very well written, I would definably recommend this story…enjoy!!”
  • “The author has crafted a wonderful world with believable characters. Secondary characters keep the story lively too. In my opinion, the timeline for this tale seems to be in the Victorian era with all the rules of manners associated with that time.”
  • “There were two kidnappings, two villains (one working for the other), the loss of elf power and lots of passion. Out villains, Mallory and Smythe, are detestable and just plain evil. Wow! Ms. Stewart gave us a rollicking story that never stopped. Even as Lars and Sophie were doubting whether they were good enough for their partner, I never once doubted their love for each other. They did prove, to us and to one another they were worthy of the love they had. While the story began with a violent and painful beginning. It concluded with an incredible, loving and passionate ending!”

A few more Reviews, these for the Mage Series.

Damien’s Destiny

  • “Full of wonderful twists and turns. Filled with action, romance, and amazing twists.”
  • “Damien’s wonderful heart and soul comes through.”

Gareth’s Gambit

  • “Mixes romance and psychic powers. Enjoyable and fast read.”

Jennivere’s Journey

  • “A beautiful book, I loved it.”

Quest for Love

  • “Well written, an engaging story.”

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