An Interview with Jean Hart Stewart

San Diego Union Tribune
By Diane Bell – February 12, 2016

Her maiden name is “Hart.” Her birthday falls two days after Valentine’s Day and Jean Hart Stewart has written 34 romance novels.

The latest to be released, “Guilty Secrets,” published by Canadian e-book publisher MuseItUp, will be available on March 1st. Check her website for purchasing information:

GuiltySecretsS“Isn’t he gorgeous!” exclaims Stewart of the seriously handsome half-shirtless young man on the book’s cover. She learned many books ago that “what sells with women is the picture of a hunky man.”

Her readers, while predominantly female, are multi-generational. “My granddaughter and my granddaughter-in-law read my books,” Stewart says.

Her husband, Hugh, a prominent physicist who worked for General Atomics, passed away five years ago. Stewart since has down-sized from their large home in Rancho Santa Fe, where she used to be a real estate broker, to a gated community in Del Mar.

“He was my primary editor for a long time,” Stewart said of her husband, noting his amusement at reading her romantic scenarios. “I never lived the love life of some of my heroines,” she confessed.

Stewart once told a reporter that she wrote a series of erotic books based on tall, handsome elves because her editor told her she could make more money writing about erotica. “My first month’s check from my first erotica was six times what I received for any other book,” she reported. But she says she didn’t enjoy that genre of writing as much.

As for inspiration, she said she doesn’t need any. Her head is already full of novel ideas.

They’re just there. It’s a matter of picking out one,” said the woman who writes about four books a year and does extensive research to make them historically accurate.

Stewart admits she is slowing down, but she has no intention of stopping. In fact, she is putting the finishing touches on her 35th novel.