Seducing Simon

Book SEVEN of the series, Songs of the Mages

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Chapter One
“Simon, I’ve never given a lasting thought to being anybody’s but yours. The others who tried to get my attention didn’t have a chance. Sometimes I felt quite sorry for them.”

SeducingA fleeting shadow in her eyes made him wonder if she’d at least considered one of her suitors. Still he arched his eyebrows at her ingenuous statement and then gave in to his rampaging desire. Of course other men had wanted her. But she’d chosen him and saved her body just for him. His heart soared as he looked at her loving face.

He gave up any other thought and captured her lips with his. The first touch made him fight for control. After one gasping, ‘my beautiful Troy’, there was no more conversation.

They kissed frantically, for so long that Simon feared he’d climax before he’d even begun to show her pleasure. He slowed the kissing down and gradually changed to caressing her with a patience he hadn’t known he possessed. He began to take off her clothes, wanting nothing so much as to hold her naked body against his.

She quickly realized what he wanted and helped, ripping her blouse off over her head with enthusiasm and stepping out of her skirt. Clad only in her undergarments, she kicked off her shoes and rolled down her hose. Breathtakingly lovely in only a brassiere and panties, she stood before him, so beautiful he froze as if immobile.

And simply stared.

She gave him a little shake. “Simon, what’s the matter with you? Are you going to make love with all your clothes on?” Her tone was so impatient he leaned to kiss her navel and lick her a bit before he answered.

“Your beauty mesmerizes me, my lady. I assure you I’ll be more naked than you in one second.”

It might have been more than one second, but not by much, as he threw his shirt one direction and his pants the other. Stripping off his shoes and socks took little longer, and he quickly stood before her in only his undershorts which did nothing to hide his rampaging erection. Stepping out them, his penis sprang free, large and pulsing, pointing at her as she stared and gasped.

“Blessed Merlin, I didn’t see that clearly when we were in the pool,” she whispered.

He took her in his arms and whispered back.

“Merlin has nothing to do with it. Only you. But your body took me in then and you’ll take me now. It’s the way of nature, my love.”

“Maybe,” she muttered, and he smiled and began to kiss his way down her face to her breasts. He took his time at first, savoring her soft skin in every spot he could reach, her forehead, her nose, her cheeks and her chin. Troy kept trying to twist so he’d kiss her lips, but he held her face steady with his long, strong fingers and smiled when she began to pout at not having her own way.

“Be patient, love,” he murmured.

Her neck and shoulders received equally loving attention until he could feel himself losing control. He took a deep breath, resting his forehead on her flat stomach while he mastered his raging desire to plunge into her. She’d not found true satisfaction when they were in the pool, and he determined she’d experience the ultimate joy now. After a few seconds he took one breast in his mouth. He teased the left nipple by gently  dragging the pebbled tip with the links of his gold bracelet,  as she gasped and pushed her breasts up for more.   All while he nuzzled and sucked on the right nipple . The teasing touch of metal plus his lips seemed to drive her crazy and Troy moaned and twitched as he stimulated both nipples at once. Then his hands and mouth held her steady while he worked his sensual way lower.

She tried to keep his face on her breasts, but Simon had other plans.

When he kissed her navel she seemed to stop breathing.

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