Song of a Druid Princess

Book THREE of the series, Garland of Druids

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Chapter One
Paris, 1919
Kate stopped at the doorway to Maestro Jourdain’s class, her whole body thrumming with anticipation. She was here! Here in Paris, the songS23citadel of her musical dreams. She was standing in the world-renowned Conservatoire de Paris Actually, really, physically here. And best of all, she was about to attend her first session of Maestro Gabriel Jourdain’s beginning class in composition.

Her smile beaming, she paused in the doorway in anticipation.

She was so very lucky he’d allowed her to enroll. He took few students, and worked extensively with those chosen.

She took a few steps and paused, looking for a seat as close as possible to the lectern. A handful of students were already gathered in the room.

“Ah,” a deep, sarcastic voice boomed. “At last.”
She stopped short. A beautifully modulated voice, appealing to any musician’s soul. Making the skin on her arms crinkle for some weird reason.

She jerked her head up.

The voice resonated from the man at the lectern. She’d seen him pictured in the newspapers, but he was much more striking in person. Stunning.

“How fortunate we all are.” Jourdain made no attempt to moderate his sarcasm. “The British princess has deigned to attend our class. Does she not know my students often gather early to be sure not to miss a word? I offer incomparable wisdom, as my students know. But a princess lives by her own rules, of course. She may come when she wants.”

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