Stormy Pursuit

Book TWO of the series, Passionate Pursuits

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He was shuddering now, his big frame shaking, and lifted her hand away.

“Let me pleasure you, love. You aren’t ready for me yet.” His husky voice sounded so sexy Hanna reached up to kiss him.

stormypursuitS“Not yet, sweetheart. Just lie on the cushions while I love you.”

She did as she was told, lying back and admiring every move of his muscled body as he stretched on beside her, even though he on the hard floor. He raised himself on one elbow and began to play with her nipples, which immediately hardened. She’d felt them harden in her dreams, but she’d never envisioned the way it felt to have her lover tweak and pull on them into they were elongated and so sensitive she moved restlessly. Then he let his hand wander down to her waist, caressing her navel with his lips and then going lower. He completely surprised her by taking her sensitive clitoris with his mouth. Shocked, she tried to push his head away, but he caught her hands and laving her with his tongue until her hips started moving restlessly.

“Now,” he whispered. “Right now.”

Raising his hot body over hers he let her hands free. In a quick motion he inserted his cock into the tip of her cunt, going slowly at first. She felt a slight pain as something inside her seemed to give way, and suddenly Court pushed that big rod all the way into to her body. She gasped at the shock of being so filled. Surely he’d pushed himself clear to her navel. He started to withdraw, his beautiful eyes concerned and guilty and she smiled and held him still.

“Don’t stop, Court. Do anything else you want, but don’t stop.”

He stayed where he was for a moment, looking at her anxiously, and she pulled on him impatiently. Evidently what he saw in her face reassured him, and he smiled and pushed his cock all the way in again. This time waves of pleasures exploded through her body, stronger and stronger with each of his pounding strokes. She tried to watch his face, but her desire soon began to make her writhe against him, forgetting all else in the pleasure of his powerful thrusts. Suddenly she felt her world explode in a burst of passion like none she’d ever dreamed, and she screamed and then went limp.

With a victor’s smile, Court pounded into her two more times before he collapsed, groaning his own release in a loud masculine version of her scream.

He lay on top of her until both their breathing slowed. As he started to lift his body from hers, she clutched him to her.

“I like you just where you are, Court. Don’t leave me.”

He kissed her sweetly, but still started to draw away.

“My love, I’ve just had the most incredible experience of my life. But I fear I pounded you into a pulp. Let me go before I attack you again.”