Victoria’s Visions

Book SIX of the series, Songs of the Mages

Victoria’s Visions has been rewritten and republished and will be available SOON!

Chapter One
Looking up, Vicky froze at the sight of a bright yellow roadster barreling directly toward her. victoriaFrightened, she glanced wildly around, uncertain which way to run. Throwing herself to the ground at the side of the road, she rolled away as she fell. The car whizzed by her, not quite as close as she’d feared, but still terrifying. At the seemingly last second the careless driver swerved as if to miss her, and squarely hit a running dog. In horror, she rose to her knees, staring at the poor animal lying motionless on the ground.

How did the fool dare drive so recklessly? She swallowed her anger, jumped to her feet and hurried toward the still form of the injured animal. Perhaps she could help him in some way, even though she doubted it. The body wasn’t twitching at all.

Before she could reach the dog she heard the screeching squeal of brakes as a strange man swept her into his arms. Stopping her run and binding him to her with powerful arms that made her gasp. A handsome specimen of a male, even if he was a brute. Blessed Merlin, how could one man be so gorgeous? He exuded male potency and allure. She stared at the blond hair falling over his collar. Longer than was stylish, but making her itch to touch the beautiful locks. And then there were his dazzling dark eyes. Her brothers were counted handsome, but something extraordinary about this man stopped her breath. He was so, so virile, exuding a formidable masculine power, a power that would entice any female.

But she wasn’t just any female. She was the daughter of Mage, and needed to try to help that stricken animal. Trying to twist from his hold, she found him compellingly strong.

She batted at the steel fingers molding her body to his. Like a molten wax seal. Like hot glue. Disgustingly erotic. “You blasted idiot, take your hands off me at once. That poor dog needs me. I’m able to relieve his pain.”

She fought to free herself but the large hands only tightened as the stranger held her to him. Sculpting her every bone against a warm body. A very warm body, sending tremors through her, even as she struggled. Dear Merlin, his virility stunned her.  He was everything her dreams had teased her of the ideal male.”

The stranger held her plastered to him, the suddenness and size of his erection impressive. He couldn’t walk around like this all the time, could he? She stared at the ground, shocked at her desire to wiggle closer and feel if his erection was as rock hard as it seemed.

She must be losing her mind. He was a complete stranger. How in the name of all the mages could she even think such weird thoughts? And hadn’t she just named him a brute?

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